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The Consequences of Love and Vengeance [discreet] (audiobook)

The Consequences of Love and Vengeance [discreet] (audiobook)

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Audiobook. A spicy forbidden romantic suspense standalone with a discreet cover for those that share their audiobook app with their spouse/partner! 

Narrated by Desireé Ketchum and Troy Duran

It began with an interview that should have been mundane, and it ended with me becoming a foster mom and my boss demanding I uncover evidence to put a man behind bars—for life.

I believed I was one of the good ones. Incorruptible.

Then, I met him.

I soon realized nothing could have prepared me for the consequences of falling in love with the enemy.

Yet, I was the one keeping our relationship a secret. He knew that. He also knew I had a job to do.

What he didn’t know was that the baby I was protecting was his son. 

At least, not until my boss discovered our forbidden love affair—and I lost everything.

My career.

The man I had fallen for.

The baby I’d grown to love.

I’d soon learn I wasn’t the only one harboring a secret they wanted to keep hidden from the world.

That’s when I found out exactly who Drago Acerbi really was, and it sent a chill down my spine.

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