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Silent Guilt (audiobook)

Silent Guilt (audiobook)

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Audiobook. Book 2 of romantic suspense romance duet.

The definition of love doesn’t come close to explaining how I feel about her. She’s the one. The twin to my soul. I didn’t know what it meant to breathe or live until I saw her. I wanted the beautiful redhead instantly, but she was engaged at the time, so I left her alone. She didn’t even know who I was.

Then he screwed up. I saw a chance, and I took it. I wouldn’t mistreat her or take her for granted the way he did. I’d give her everything her heart desired and more.

No woman before her had ever captured and held my attention the way she did. No other woman ever would. But happily ever after doesn’t exist in my world. When everything was good, I discovered what my own father did to her ten years ago, before I knew her. My ties to that would damn me to Hell.

The guilt was too much to bear, so I walked away from not only the woman I loved but more.

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