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More Than Memories (paperback)

More Than Memories (paperback)

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Paperback signed by the author. Book 2 in the More Than Standalone series. 

I lost her ten years ago…

Graduation night, a drunk driver swerved in my lane, and trying not to hit his car, I crashed into a tree. She was taken to the hospital, where they told me she’d died.

I found out the next day that had been a lie. They just didn’t want her with me. Then they moved, and I couldn’t find her.

She was the love of my life. She’d always be the one that I’d love forever.

I should have searched harder, longer, but medical school and my residency that followed took over a decade of my life.

I drowned myself in work, and when that didn’t numb the pain, I sought relief with a tattoo needle.

Then, my boss invited me to his house for a party he throws for all the new interns yearly.

I’m strumming a song on my guitar when someone starts singing lyrics to a song only she knows.

I looked up, and Whitney was standing in the doorway, so goddamn beautiful that I swear my heart broke again.

She knew the song, but she didn’t know me. She didn’t remember me.

Then, her husband stepped outside. Her being married wasn’t the biggest tragedy of all. That would come an hour later when I see her nine-year-old daughter.

My daughter…

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