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More Than Lies (paperback)

More Than Lies (paperback)

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Paperback signed by the author. Book 1 in the More Than Standalone series. 

She’s my brother’s best friend’s little sister. Tara has been a part of my life since we were five. My parents adore her. She has her own room in my childhood home.

Her goddamn face is inked on my forearm—not that anyone knows it’s her. I’d never admit it. Or the single rose I’ve been sending her since freshmen year of high school seven years ago.

I can’t have Tara.

She isn’t for me.

She’s sweet, and everything good. The opposite of me.

I’m the jerk. The college dropout turned tattoo artist. The one that’s turned down every drunken pass she’s made over the years.

I’m also the guy that beat the shit out of his friend for lying and claiming her took her virginity our senior year. No one needs to know that, though.

Especially not Tara.

We’re roommates too, so when I come home one drunken night and find her on the porch crying, I’ll do whatever she needs to make those tears stop.

Only once wasn’t enough… I wanted more.

The problem is, I don’t deserve her and never will. I know it. Everyone knows it. And like I knew would happen, I fuck it all up.

You can’t grovel and beg for someone’s forgiveness when they’re longer here.

She was gone, and I’d never forgive myself…

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