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Have Mercy (audiobook)

Have Mercy (audiobook)

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Audiobook. A second chance standalone romance. 

18 years ago, he thought she betrayed him...

We were high school sweethearts. One day she disappeared after class and didn’t come back. She left me high and dry. I was angry. I took it out on her by sleeping with her best friend. Then she showed back up months later with story I didn't believe. I was done.

Fast forward 18 years and my band made it, I married her best friend after she got pregnant, and now I have a seventeen-year-old son who’s stuck in the middle of our divorce.

Out of the blue, I saw my ex again. Feelings arose I thought I buried years ago. She’s still mine. I proved it against a wall after a heated argument. I found out there’s been no one else since me, and now that I’ve had her again, I’ll make sure there is no one else.

Then I met her son, and he looks just like me. He’s also seventeen and best friends with my son.

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