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Deviant Knight (audiobook)

Deviant Knight (audiobook)

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Audiobook. Book 3 in The New American Mafia trilogy. 

Narrated by Aiden Snow, Alyssa AveryDane Anderson, and Sebastian York

How does a man get over the first woman he ever loved?

I didn’t get to say goodbye to my mother. When I watched her coffin lower into the ground, I swore I’d never love another that deeply again.

I didn’t have to. I found solace in the opposite.

Krishna is hard like me. I keep him at arm’s length no matter how much I prefer him in my bed. Together, we can be whatever we want. The monsters we keep at bay to avoid someone getting hurt can come out to play with each other. My life was stable, controllable. Then my father issued an order I wasn’t expecting—a bride.

Ciera is soft, but her eyes are constantly challenging my authority. She has a backbone that only shows when her smart mouth is telling me off. I’ve never wanted a woman aside from the physical release they provide, but the moment my dark gaze fell on her emerald stare, I wanted to wrap my hand around her pretty little throat and claim her as mine.

I can’t let her be my downfall. I can’t allow them to be my undoing. I won’t make my father’s past mistakes. I won’t lose those I vowed to protect.


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