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Bad Princess (audiobook)

Bad Princess (audiobook)

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Audiobook. Book 1 in The New American Mafia trilogy. 

Narrated by Desireé Ketchum, Sebastian York, and Aiden Snow

Do you ever really get over your school crush when he never once glanced your way? 

I was the only daughter of the Italian-American Mafia Boss on the East Coast. After my mother was murdered, he ensured the world forgot he had a daughter. I had to pretend to be the girl I’ve never been: meek. There’s not one submissive bone in my body, but I had to look and act the part. 

Matteo De Salvo is the only person that has ever made me nervous. My skin itched around him and my throat closed up. I watched him from a distance, the defiant part of me hoping he’d catch me. 

He did.

But to him, I was a creep. To the girl he knocked up our senior year of high school, I was a nuisance who threatened her claim on him. Spoiler alert: she didn’t get him either. 

Six years later, Matteo is a single dad and boxing champion. And me? I’m a full-fledged member of the family. I no longer hide, despite my father wishing I did. I run multi-million dollar businesses. I couldn’t care less about what Matteo is up to these days. I’m over him.

So, when I walked into a dive bar to save my friend’s life, why did I save Matteo’s instead?


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